“Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew.”

Guillaume Apollinaire

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Phone Sessions: $115 Australian

Remote Session: $80 Australian

You can pay by either:

a. using a credit card via paypal (no paypal account needed) Pay by credit card

b.using an internet bank transfer. Internet Bank transfer details are in the client form I will send you.

Given the success and demand for Phone and Remote sessions I now specialise in these session types only.

Both come with a free customised session report that lists any frequencies and concepts used.


How to initiate a session

After you have filled in the Contact form below, I will confirm your intent for the session by sending you a short client form to fill out by email. This will require only a few personal details and some information to ensure a focussed and comprehensive session.

Once I receive the client form, together we will setup a session time (usually using email) in your time zone that suits both of us. You will be asked to pay before the session.

Phone Sessions - What to Expect

At the allotted time you will call me, sit back, relax with a cuppa or water and notice what you notice. The session will last approximately 50 minutes, however change will continue.

Using my knowledge, intuition and a sense of fun and ridiculousness to relax the conscious mind we will find and release your energy blockages. You will be encouraged to relax and just go with what appears. Matrix Energetics techniques such as Frequencies, Archetypes, Parallel Universe access, Time Travel as well as techniques from my other modalities will be used. My interaction with you will spontaneously direct us towards using the perfect techniques for you.

The profound effects of Matrix energetics can be experienced in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Remote Sessions - What to expect

Remote Matrix Energetics sessions are as effective and impactful as one-to-one sessions and phone sessions.

Similar to a phone session, at the allotted time you will call me, sit back, relax with a cuppa or water and receive the treatment which will last about 30 minutes. You will notice the effects immediately and know exactly when it has arrived. Each treatment is unique and follows a "deep scan" and assessment of the appropriate modalities for you. You will be emailed a summary of the session including impressions, frequencies, archetypes etc that arose during the session. Contact form below.


“Thank you so much. Your remote session seems so impressive with the way you did it. I have been feeling a little foggy in the head and not remembering things as easily - all a little unusual for me - so this sounded great with going to the head area.

My left shoulder is often quite a problem so this again is spot on....”

Faye Heart Healing Centre


The difference between a phone and remote session

Phone sessions work are much like a in office session, except you stay in the comfort of your own home and the session is conducted over the phone. With a Remote session, there is no physical (or phone) interaction.

The main difference between a Phone session and a Remote session is that the Phone session is gently interactive and provides the opportunity for on-the-spot questions and explanations. A phone session lasts approximately 50 minutes, a remote session lasts approximately 30 minutes. A phone session cost $115 plus the cost of a phone call, the remote session costs $80. Both sessions come with a Bonus session summary report.


Legal stuff

Now for the legal stuff:- I do not provide medical treatment or advice. If you are undertaking any medical treatment, please do not discontinue or vary any medical treatment without referring to the practitioner that prescribed them.


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