Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner Australia

Matrix Energetics Practitioner DesWelcome - my name is Des, I'm so glad you're here to find out more about my Matrix Energetics services in Australia. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first Matrix Energetics Practitioners to be certified in Australia. Come lets play and explore together to access the abundance, healing and freedom you deserve.

What is a Matrix Energetics session like and what does it cost?

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What is Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is a simple and fun way access to transformation, change and healing. Matrix healing is taught at seminars by Dr. Richard Bartlett. Practitioners use the matrix energetics tools like the 21 frequencies and the two point to collapses old energy patterns at the quantum level. Once collapsed, this allows the accessing of new energy patterns (or states). Old energy patterns can be physical like sciatica, energetic like healing chakras, emotional like grief or situations like debt or lack of abundance. Often shifts are much deeper and profound and some people find their whole lives shift to a more positive state of harmony.

How does Matrix Energetics work

Quantum physicists assert that all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns e.g., light and information. Matrix Energetics sees everything, including the person, as light and information. Light and information are neutral rather than good or bad. Matrix Energetics thus avoids the need to overcome or heal anything by. A practitioner can collapse the current reality (information field) and introduce new information that allows more useful possibilities and thus change. It takes a lot less energy to change to a new possibility rather than to fix a ‘problem’ and associated beliefs. The Matrix Energetics Practitioner will acknowledge, but not engage with the "problem" state, instead focussing intent on "new possibilities".


“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”


Like most energy-based techniques, experience is the best way to understand how Matrix Energetics works.

What are the benefits?

There are many reasons why people come for a Matrix Energetics session, they can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Even though clients may seek help for a problem at one level, e.g. physical, the holistic approach I use will address underlying causes. You are expected to participate in your own healing and growth and are taught strategies to eliminate future reoccurrence of problems. In general, benefits of energy work can include:


Emotional and Mental


What to expect and how much does it cost?

Every session is as unique as the clients that find themselves drawn to Matrix Energetics and my work, so it is best to come with no expectations, however for a general description including pricing see what to expect